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Carol Adams

Carol is an Installation artist, weaver, enamellist, and sculptor. Besides many private and corporate commissions she has done five public art installations while being a finalist twenty-two other times. She has sculptures in nine public libraries and has had a three year whole-room installation at The Butler Museum in Youngstown, Ohio. For over ten years she worked as a designer for a laser light company, putting on many shows in various countries culminating in a laser-light show at The Sphinx in Egypt. For more than forty years, Carol’s Critters, a popular line of hand-made enamel on copper pins have been a staple at many galleries and shows around the country.


Carol is also an instructor of art, teaching and having taught at various universities for many years; Weaving/Fiber Arts, Drawing, Painting, and Enameling. As a weaving consultant she has traveled to Haiti multiple times to help establish and improve their school’s fiber craft program. A co-founder of The Peninsula Art Academy thirteen years ago, she still manages the gallery and teaches various courses. Carol has a BFA in Painting, an MFA in crafts and an MA in Art Education.


Her other passions include world travel, the beauty of nature, animals, and skiing.     


She has completed many commissions for residences and public buildings, and completed 5 public art installations and been a finalist for 22 more. She has sculpture in 9 libraries, had a 3 year whole room installation at The Butler Museum in Youngstown, helped found The Peninsula Art Academy and taught there for 13 years, produced enamel jewelry and placed it in galleries nationally, and participated in many craft shows.



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